Malachai is a 12 year old boy that doesn't remember the first ten years of his life. He doesn't remember his parents, who died in a car crash, and he barely remembers what his childhood was like. He lives with his sister, but she is often working, leaving him alone. Malachai is shy, with a very low self-esteem, which makes him the perfect target for bullying. He had no friends until Daiji came into the picture. Malachai is slowly adjusting to the changes in his life that Daiji caused. At the moment, Malachai almosts resents Daiji for turning his life upside down, but when it all comes down to it, Malachai is glad Daiji is there.


Daiji is confident to a fault. In his mind, there's no way he could ever be wrong about anything, no matter what. Even things he doesn't know, he'll try to bullshit is way through. Stubborn and bullheaded, Daiji will do anything he can to get what he wants. Having spent 500 years in Hell, Daiji can easily take care of himself. Despite his outgoing nature,, he's still unfamiliar with things like 'friendship' and 'love'. He's learning, though. Daiji knows a lot more than he lets on. He's a terrible liar, but so far Malachai has yet to ask the right questions, so Daiji's secrets are safe. For now.


Thal is as stubborn as an ox and twice as strong. With her general bad attitude and bad temper, people often forget Thal is actually a girl. Probably the most masculine out all the main characters, Thal's ultimate answer to everything is to use force. She hardly ever takes 'no' for an answer, and hates to be underestimated. Little is known about her past or why she's even on earth. Thal hardly ever talks about herself and says little from her daily "piss off". Thal, however, is fiercly loyal to her friends, and if you dare mess with them, you will pay the price.


Maybe it's the smile plastered on his face 24/7 or the complete lack of fashion sense, doesn't take a genius to realize there's something not quite...right with Jason. He's constantly happy, seeing the brightside of any situation. He gets attatched easily, and no matter what the other person might say or do to him, Jason will continue to stay by their side. His cheery attitude is a nice pick-me-up for gloomy Malachai or grumpy Thal, but he can get on one's nerves. Lucky for him he's so cute, it's hard to get angry with him. His smile hides some dark, deep secret, though...

Sophrosyne(The Cheshire Cat)-

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